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Shot through the Heart: Dr. Carmona, Nation's Doctor

Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th US Surgeon General states he was "blocked at every turn" by the Executive Branch of the US government. His "travel was monitored" when he wanted to ride a bike with a disabled child - because he would be helping a "politically prominent family- the Kennedys". Guess what controversial event he wanted to attend? The Special Olympics! Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of Senator Ted Kennedy, founded them...Gee, he thought he was helping sick kids, Mr. President! Dr. Carmona, a former trauma surgeon, resigned from the office on July 31, 2006. Our nation has been without a doctor for a year. We are at war, make that two wars. With no trauma surgeon to triage the incoming.

Government scientists have been complaining for years that the Bush administration is trying to control and distort scientific evidence. Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS testified before Congress that from 2002-2006, his speeches were edited and his learned opinions blocked on:
  • stem-cell research
  • dangers of secondhand smoke
  • mental health
  • emergency preparedness
  • global health issues
  • teen pregnancy prevention
  • comprehensive sex education
  • emergency contraception
Today's Wall Street Journal reports that while the US Surgeon General may have little formal power, the position is a "megaphone" on public-health issues.

We at Healthline are proud to have Dr. Carmona on our Board of Directors, and invite him to guest blog as a Health Expert on any subject he wants to, any time. We await his words of wisdom and applaud his heroism and his expertise. Thank you, Dr. Carmona, for fighting for all of us.

Photo courtesy of Google Images.
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