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Healthline Connects

Seven Healthy Habits to Prevent Headaches

The National Headache Foundation is focusing attention on Seven Healthy Habits of Headache Sufferers as we observe the 14th annual National Headache Awareness Week, June 3-9, 2007.
  1. Diet: Eat regular meals, avoid known food and drinks that trigger headaches (for me it's alcohol...)
  2. Sleep: Maintain a regular sleep schedule, even on weekends and vacations. For migraine sufferers, this means avoiding oversleeping, which can trigger attacks.
  3. Headache diary: Keep a log of when headaches occur and what seems to trigger them.
  4. See your healthcare provider: Make an appointment to discuss headaches and ways to manage them effectively.
  5. Stress: Implement stress reduction techniques into your daily routines.
  6. Be an informed participant in your healthcare treatment: read about possible alternative medications or treatments if what you are using isn't working and discuss with your health care provider.
  7. Education: Stay up to date with headache news and treatment options by visiting
If you (like me) suffer from migraine headaches, you might want to check out my post, Topamax: I love you! over at Healthline Connects.
Thank you Leo Reynolds for use of photo, headache.
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