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Healthline Connects

September is Healthy Aging Month! Reach Out to Someone...

The Healthy Aging Campaign wants us to remember that it is never too late to adopt healthy habits and embrace healthy lifestyle changes! When we think of health, tend to think about our physical health and the body, but social well-being is every bit as important as mental and physical health.
  • Travel and see the world, experience different cultures. Open your mind.
  • Laugh a lot!
  • Volunteer - get out and share your time, wisdom and energy
  • Practice your faith
  • Strengthen your friendships and relationships
  • Keep a pet or companion animal
  • Get married (if you're a man - being married increases your longevity. For some reason the reverse isn't true for women...)
With more and more people living longer, healthier lives senior dating services are sprouting up.
Don't let depression, isolation and loneliness make you old before your time. Stay connected to others. Laugh, love and do things to make your self and others happy!

Thank you christiatnh20 for use of photo ice cream.
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