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Healthline Connects

Say Hello to Health Matters

Welcome to Health Matters, a new blog that lives to share thoughts and insights about the role of technology and policy as it impacts researching the most "considered purchase" of all, our health and that of our loved ones. You'll be hearing from different members of the Healthline team - folks from the pURL (pre-Web), Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 universe who have come together to help channel the tidal intersection of two huge currents - Internet search and consumer healthcare.

A recent article written by Bob Tedeschi from the New York Times sums it up well - "The core mission of the [Healthline] Web site, which is owned by Healthline Networks, is to act as a medical search engine, finding articles on ailments and remedies from some 66,000 Web sites it has identified as providing medical content. In doing so, Healthline says it offers consumers a broader choice of information than WebMD, which is by far the most popular single medical resource online, and a more refined choice than general search engines like Google."

Full New York Times article available here (free registration required).

The Healthline website launched last October, and we've been fortunate enough to receive feedback from reviewers ranging from to CBSNews to bloggers such as Rita Vines from (hey, we're Beatles fans - it's getting better all the time...)

If you're really into it, grab the soundtrack from Fantastic Voyage and take Healthline for a spin - we look forward to exploring with you.

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