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The Road Most Travelled

This is my first post as the CEO of Healthline and the father of 9 week old twin boys (Grant & Cooper). It's been a tremendous ride so far.

As quick background, I am a serial entrepreneur and dad... this is my fourth early stage company, working as CEO for over 20 years and these are my third and fourth children (Taylor 20; Kelsey 17 led the way). It appears I can't seem to get enough of traveling down this very interesting, twisty road filled with inspiring views, potholes (i.e. diapers), and beautiful, fulfilling adventure.

I love the challenge and rewards of building businesses that effect millions of lives while raising cool little creatures that turn into amazing people. There are so many similarities in the commitment and skills required to do these important jobs well. I am very lucky to have both an incredible, passionate wife, Katherine, to help guide these to boys through life and a tremendously talented, hard-working team at Healthline to build a great company that is focused on helping people lead healthier lives.

We now have over four million people a month coming to our site,, and will soon be powering the health search and navigation on dozens of high profile sites (portals, publishers, health plans, etc.) bringing high quality, contextually relevant health information to over 20 million people a month by the end of 2007. We are targeting to become the largest, most trusted provider of health information in the world. Its a worthy mission that gets us all out of bed every morning with a spring in our step and a smile on our face.

I will be posting from time to time to weigh in on what we are doing at Healthline and offer insights on the adventure of raising twin boys...somehow I think lack of sleep should be the least of my concerns.Thanks for coming along on the ride...

Best health,
West Shell III
Chairman & CEO
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