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Rice Wars - the Poor are Hungry

Rice provides 20% of all the food calories consumed by humans on our planet. It is a staple food for half of the world's population - most of them the poor. We are in a global crisis - a rice shortage while food prices are rising due to increases in fuel prices. The shortage is due to population growth and the conversion of arable land for other uses. Rice production has been outstripped by population growth in some countries like Indonesia for over ten years. Riots and deaths in Cameroon and Haiti are the outcome of this dire situation.

The price of rice increased 50% in two weeks at the beginning of April, 2008. People in Bangladesh, China, India, Thailand and the Philippines are affected. The World Bank has predicted that 33 countries around the world face social unrest due to instability in rice supplies and prices. Even in the US, the big warehouse stores like Costco Wholesale are restricting the amount of imported bulk rice that can be purchased to prevent hoarding. Domestic US rice remains widely available at affordable prices.

You can help. Take time out of your busy day, every day, to click on the the button at The Hunger Site. You click daily, the advertising sponsors pay for food.

Thank you myto for use of photo Rice.
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