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Oscillo (Oscillococcinum) - Homeopathic Remedy

Oscillo (Oscillococcinum) is a patented, commercially-available homeopathic remedy. What is a homeopathic remedy or homeopathy you ask? Well the idea behind homeopathic treatments is the principle of "let like be cured by like".

As of January 2006 a number of studies have been conducted to assess the efficacy of Oscillo (Oscillococcinum), some to test it's efficacy in preventing influenza and others to test it's efficacy in treating active influenza infections. Of those, only two had enough information to accurately assess the results.

The product is made from the heart and liver of wild duck (Muscovy Duck); these organs are natural reservoirs for influenza viruses. Exposure to the influenza virus from the reservoirs is thought to boost one's immunity against influenza infection. Based on the aforementioned studies there is no evidence to support it's efficacy as a preventative therapy against influenza. As far as shortening the duration of an active influenza infection, this is still controversial, Oscillo (Oscillococcinum) was found to reduce the length of influenza illness by 0.28 days and it increased the chances that patients considered treatment to be effective.

Bottom line: this product has not been evaluated by the FDA so be sure to let your healthcare provider know if you are using it. If your symptoms persist or get worse after 3 days of using it, stop using the product. If you're diabetic you may want to double check the sugar content in each dose; if you are pregnant or breast-feeding then, once again, definitely check with your healthcare provider first. No data is available about using Oscillo (Oscillococcinum) in children. As far as drug interactions with this product, at this point not much is known but because it is derived from a natural source there is the possibility, rare though it may be, of having a serious hypersensitivity reaction to the product.
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