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One World One Dream - Olympics 2008 Ready to Launch

The 2008 Olympics kick off on August 8, 2008 in Beijing, China. This year's theme One World One Dream is meant to express the ideal of humankind sharing a dream for peace. 600,000 foreign visitors and athletes are expected to convene in Beijing and health concerns have been raised due to poor air quality. Anyone with asthma or other respiratory problems should be prepared for flare ups due to smog and indoor air pollution.

3.3 million cars have been ordered off roads and construction has been halted throughout the city, according to the International Herald Tribune. Factories have shut down, but the smoggy skies persist due to a long stretch of humid weather trapping the polluted air. Ethiopian marathon runner
Haile Gebrselassie, who is a world record holder and has a history of asthma, has already dropped out of the games due to health concerns.

Other health risks are dog bites and rabies. Beijing has the second highest rabies rate in the world. Visitors are advised to avoid petting stray dogs and monkeys. Motor vehicle accidents, especially vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents are common. Visitors are advised to wash hands often and watch their step.

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