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Healthline Connects

Oh Canada! Thank you Dr. Liana for Grand Rounds 3.31!

Canadians twice in a week! They sure are smart. Dr. Liana is a hockey lovin' rural medicine resident blogging her way through Alberta and put together a really fascinating trek through the solar system of medical writing at Med Valley High this week. She included seven posts about the college kids who were killed in Virginia last week, including one of mine,

Messed Up Guys with Guns: National Youth Violence Prevention Week

I wrote two more on the subject:

Asians and the Stigma of Mental Illness: National Minority Health and Health Disparities Month

The Human Brain as a Deadly Weapon: Privacy Laws vs. Protecting the Public

Other folks at Dr. Liana's Grand Rounds were thinking along similar lines:
When Individual and Societal Rights Collide: Institutionalization, Patient and Societal Safety and Mental Illness from Universal Health N=1.

As Dr. Liana recommends, "Discuss amongst yourselves..."
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