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National School Breakfast Week

Among the sundry pearls of wisdom passed down the ages, one treasured favorite has dubbed breakfast "the most important meal of the day." In establishing and maintaining wellness, grandmother’s advice is just as true and relevant today as it was in our younger years.

There is a simple reason that these storied words of guidance have stood the test of time: we starve our bodies during sleep, so that in the morning, our need for nutrition is that much greater. Your liver works hard overnight, continually pouring stored energy into the blood to keep your organs healthy. After eight to twelve hours of such toil, your liver needs to be fed, too!

In order to remind schools, parents and children of the importance of starting the day with a healthy meal, the School Nutrition Association established National School Breakfast Week in 1989. The week helps to emphasize nutrition plans such as the School Breakfast Program. This year, National School Breakfast Week begins on March 5th and runs through March 9th.

Each year, the School Nutrition Association puts together a theme which helps to raise awareness of the week. There is a great theme for 2007, entitled “A World of School Breakfasts.” Online literature includes links to traditional breakfast recipes from diverse countries such as Italy, China, Egypt, and Australia. Also included is intriguing information with regard to dining customs from around the world.

For the sake of our own health and for that of our children, we should find time next week to get in the habit of starting each day with a wholesome breakfast – and maybe, try something new in the process.

A World of School Breakfasts logo courtesy of the School Nutrition Association.
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