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Musings of a Befuddled Pharmacist

Okay, so that's the last thing you want to hear from the person who may be responsible for giving you some life-saving or life-extending medicine and/or information. Fortunately for us all, I won't be doing any of that today.

This blog is supposed to be about health observances but I feel moved to digress from that today and just ramble. We had an earthquake in the Bay Area today and I wasn't as rattled by the incident as I was by the fact that I was actually awake to have experienced hit at about 4:45am or so. My theory is this, unless you belong to the order of Chiroptera with forelimbs developed as wings a.k.a. a bat, no other mammals (they are mammals right?) should be awake at that hour. However, I decided that since I have a full weekend ahead of me I needed to do my workout at 5am this morning and get it out of the way for the day.

Well, after sweatin' to the oldies, walking away the pounds and squeezing in some standing firm pilates I was ready to go and pick back up on my slumber where I left off. Alas, my more rational responsible self took control of the situation and instead I got ready to journey in to the office to put in a good days' work ...and that's exactly what I am doing now :) While on my morning commute I got to chatting with my "commuter buddies" about the earthquake and realized how unprepared for a major disaster I am. Oh to be sure I have all my treasured photographs in 3 readily grab-able forms (SD card, computer hard drive and physical photos in albums) and of course in an online repository (just in case I forget to grab any one of the three aforementioned items as I flee for dear life). So naturally if I am ever the victim of a natural disaster I will always have pictures to remind me of the way things were!

On a more serious note though, any practical tips on disaster preparedness would be greatly appreciated. Note the keyword "practical". I have seen some kits that, once put together, look like one is going to climb Mt.Everest and camp out there for a week...I am just one girl and I will need to be able to run like the wind (or Forrest Gump at least) when that "act of God" occurs.

I could ramble on but for now I have to turn my attention to other tasks that I get paid to do around here.

Photos courtesy of cipher, Joe Shlabotnik, and The Consumerist
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