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Healthline Connects

Men's Health: Gift of Health with our NEWEST Product Feature

Human Kinetics and the American College of Sports Medicine present Healthline’s exclusive new Health Books On-Line.

If you want to get serious about your health and make some lifestyle changes, Healthline wants to be your partner. We make it easy to take control of your life and your health with Healthline's New Action Plan and Fitness Books, for free! Published by Human Kinetics, the authors are all members of the American College of Sports Medicine. These books are filled with activity plans, dietary advice and exercise diagrams to guide you on your road to fitness, health and longer life.
  1. Advanced Sports Nutrition: The hottest sports car in the world won’t run if it doesn’t have fuel in the tank. Find out how to fuel your tank from sports nutrition expert Dan Bernadot. Bernadot was the Team Nutritionist for the 1996 US Olympic gold medal winning women's gymnastic team. He explains everything from ideal body weight to gluconeogenesis.
  2. Action Plan for Arthritis: Limit pain, disability, and expense associated with arthritis. Don’t just survive, thrive with this new Action Plan! Take some time to explore the chapters and images on the pages here at Healthline. Then spring into action armed with the best available information on the web. Physical Therapist A. Lynn Millar provides detailed information on everything from Exercising in Cold Weather to Foundations and Informational Groups.
  3. Action Plan for Diabetes puts you in control of your blood sugar with a complete guide to managing and preventing complications associated with this disease. Author Darryl E. Barnes MD is a family practice and sports medicine expert at the Mayo Clinic. He provides Foot Care Basics as well as some great ideas for changing your perspective to create a new future.
  4. Strength Training for Women: Get the lean muscular look you want without the big bulky look you don’t want. Personal training guru Laurie Incledon explains why our mood, as well as other aspects of our being, lifts as we weight train.

A Google Search will turn up a mother lode of Health and Wellness content on the web, but until now, the best, most reliable Health and Wellness information has been unavailable to consumers. At Healthline, we are excited to bring to our readers information previously available only to professionals and students thanks to our exclusive online distribution agreement with Human Kinetics Publishers.

thank you J.C. Rojas, for use of photo Old Style Swing.

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