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Healthline Connects

May is National Mental Health Month - Get Connected

This month, take stock of your social relationships. Our world and our lives are getting more difficult - we need each now more than ever. Relationships with family and friends help get us through tough times. Mental Health America's theme for 2008 is Get Connected. Social connectedness is a major factor in mental health and wellbeing.

Think back to times when you went through extraordinarily tough tribulations - could you have made it without your friends and family? I know I could not have. Strengthen your bonds with others now and reach out and be there for people who may be going through stressful times right now. Make sure you have these 5 connections in your life for sound mental health

    1. Have close relationships to help you cope with stress
    2. Have people to talk to when you get lonely
    3. Have people around you who accept you for who you are
    4. Have a strong emotional connection to at least one other person
    5. Know who will help you when you really need it
Humans are social creatures. Being connected to others is as important to our health as eating, sleeping and getting exercise. Strengthen your bonds with others to do. Be slow to criticize, easy to forgive, laugh often.

Thank you adettera for use of photo Family is Most Important.
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