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Healthline Connects

May 28, 2008 is Senior Health & Fitness Day

Fitness...a Lifetime Investment! is the theme for this year's senior health and fitness day. Americans are living longer - so save your hard earned dollars. Don't waste them on health care for preventable diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. Get up, get moving, get out and enjoy life!

You and a friend can take Healthline's Fitness Test for Seniors as long as you are in good health and you have your doctor's approval. We also offer video of Ginette Benard, a 72 year old woman who runs 10 miles a day. Don't be lonely in your quest for fitness - Healthline helps you Volunteer your Way to Fitness. Seniors are at increased risk for falls. Exercise is one good way to stay in shape and prevent falls. The increased bone and muscle mass from exercise will decrease the incidence of fractures if you do take a spill.

As our population ages, more and more people are debunking Myths about Aging. Invest in yourself - stay fit and active. With the price of gas, we might as well all get back to walking and talking to our neighbors.

Thank you Pathfinder for use of this wonderful photo - All Ages. Wow...
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