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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asks us to observe Brain Injury Awareness Month by protecting senior citizens from brain injuries. Millions of Americans are caregivers for parents, grandparents or other elders, but did you know that falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI). People aged 75 and over have the greatest rate of hospitalization and death due to TBI.

Here are some tips for preventing TBI due to falls in the elderly:

      1. Make the environment safe:remove small throw rugs and other obstacles. Install grab bars and railings. Improve lighting and make sure the person has stable shoes.
      2. Encourage exercise: strength and flexibility throughout life will help prevent injuries.
      3. Have a vision check: new glasses may be needed or eye diseases may be discovered.
      4. Review all medications (prescription, supplements and over-the-counter) with a doctor or pharmacist to identify any thing that might lead to dizziness and falls.
There are almost 6 million people in the US living with long term disabilities due to TBI. The costs to the nation are over $48 billion annually.

Thank you bookish in north park for use of photo of Elderly Man.
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