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Life Cycles: Middle Aged Blues are a Universal Experience

Researchers in Britain and the US have learned that happiness follows a U curve - peaking in our 20's and reaching a low point for women in their 40's, men in their 50's. Then our overall outlook and sense of contentment rises again as we age.

Knowing that alone ought to make us feel better - because the "...analysis of well-being among approximately 2 million people in 80 nations. With few exceptions, the observation appears to apply across the board, regardless of gender, culture, geography, wealth, job history, education, and marriage or parental status..."

Age 44 is the bottom of the pit of depression for most people around the world. So the good news is that when you celebrate your 45th birthday - really celebrate. You're going to be happy again, no matter what your life circumstances are.

P.S. Cheerful people live longer.

Thank you ecstaticist for use of photo Portrait of Photographer as a Middle-Aged Man.
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