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June 2008 is National Safety Month - Be Careful Out There

Someone is killed every 4 minutes in the US due to accidental injuries and death, according to the National Safety Council. We can save thousands of lives and billions of dollars by reducing threats to our health and safety in the workplace, at play and at home.

The focus for this week is on what is called
The Overdose Epidemic. Abuse of drugs, particularly prescription painkillers, is driving this trend. Never take medication prescribed for someone else and always take medications as prescribed.

Other safety concerns are motor vehicle accidents (MVA). California's new law requiring hands-free cell phone use for drivers over 18 years of age goes into effect July 1, 2008. Drivers under age 18 are forbidden to use cell phones while driving.

Flooding in the Iowa compels us all to be prepared for emergencies. The American Red Cross asks us all to do 4 things:

      • Build a kit
      • Make a plan
      • Get trained in CPR/First Aid
      • Donate blood
Make Safety your priority for June - have a safe summer!
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