Hurricane Season: September is National Preparedness Month

Hurricane Gustav has blessedly dwindled into a tropical storm, but Hannah, Ike and Josephine are reported to be following behind him, forming in the Atlantic Ocean. Homeland Security wants us all to be Prepared, Plan and Stay Informed. Please participate in National Preparedness Month by following these tips:

  • Create or get a kit.
    • Water, food for 3 days, flashlight, hand-cranked radio, batteries, first-aid kit, whistle, dust masks, plastic sheeting and duct tape, change of clothes, prescription medicine and glasses, moist towelettes, garbage bags, toilet paper, cash, sleeping bags, bleach, sturdy shoes, mess kits, paper towels.
  • Make a plan
    • Use an out-of-state person as a contact for all family members as local systems may be down. Make plans for kids to be with neighbors or friends if you work out of town.
  • Be informed
    • about the types of natural disasters and emergencies endemic to your region
    • Escape routes: Know the best way out of each room of your house and out of town
  • Get involved
    • Join the Citizen Corps of volunteers who are prepared to work together in emergencies
      • Receive first aid and CPR training
      • Support disaster relief and community safety
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