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Hurricane Katrina Death Tally 1000 - Half of them Elderly

With a new hurricane bearing down on New Orleans and the surrounding area, a new report from Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness finally provides us with death toll post Katrina - 3 years on. Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29, 2005 and
  • 1000 people - half of them over age 75 years - died.
  • Most died by drowning
  • 33% died in homes
  • 2% of the deaths were under age 18 years
  • 51% of the victims were black, 42% were white
The report states this number likely under-represents the total death toll as many more deaths may have been indirectly related to the catastrophe. Authors emphasize the need to reach elderly and vulnerable populations before, during and after disasters to provide assistance, reassurance and relief.

In anticipation of Tropical Storm Gustav, elderly residents are urged to call 211 and register themselves for assistance.

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