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Hug a Tree? It's Trails Advocacy Week February 11-14

Forget chocolates and (blood) diamonds. Take a hike with your loved ones for Valentine's Day. The American Hiking Society celebrates Trails Advocacy Week and if you don't have a favorite trail, this week is good time to discover one. Click on the map to find your new special spot. The season doesn't matter - as long as you dress appropriately and take along the right gear - and a friend.

Why hiking? Well, at least you are moving. You are out in nature, you aren't alone and you are aware of something bigger than yourself. Hikers support clean air and a safe, clean environment for health and safety of all people.

Get kids involved, too. Youth Outreach involves kids in trail maintenance and public works. Take a hike and have a picnic - it's something the whole family can enjoy.

Thank you svanes for use of photo of LA hiking trail, Paseo Miramar.
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