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Historic Breakthrough Treatment at China's Stem Cell Center

Tired of waiting for the US to figure out the moral ambiguities of stem cell research? Apparently, the family of 6 year old California boy Blake Dell'Aringa, diagnosed with Late Infantile NCL or Batten Disease, were - so they took their son to China. Tiantan Puhau Stem Cell Treatment Center in Beijing is the destination for seekers of the most advanced stem cell procedures and treatment. Dr. Wu Li Ke and Dr. Wang Xiao Juan lead the stem cell treatment program.

Late Infantile NCL is a fatal genetic disease resulting in rapid deterioration of neurological function. Most kids with the disease don't live beyond age 12. At age 6, Blake was rejected by a federally authorized stem cell trial in Oregon. His father took him to China for stem cell transplant therapy in October, 2007. In a matter of months, he progressed from being spastic, barely responsive and unable to sit, to being able to participate in a therapeutic horseback riding program. On January 15, 2008 he returned to school.

Treating a patient with Late Infantile NCL is a historic first for Tiantan Puhua Stem Cell Treatment Center. Congratulations to Blake, his family and the medical team for this miracle of biotechnology. It is hard to argue the morality of seeing a young child receiving the gift of life and health.

Thank you Abraxas3D for use of photo of stemcells.
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