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Help Loved Ones Beat the Holiday Blues

The American Geriatrics Society wants us to know that the elderly are particularly vulnerable to holiday blues at this time of year. People may have health or financial concerns or be thinking of loved ones who are no longer around. If someone you know appears sad and blue at this time of year, we offer these tips to help them:

      1. Offer to help with transportation to shopping, parties or chores.
      2. Be a good listener and encourage them to talk about their feelings of loss or sadness.
      3. Encourage them to socialized with others and to volunteer. Helping others is always a good way to forget our own sorrows.
      4. Discourage the use of alcohol, which can actually depress the mood.
      5. Encourage the person to speak to their health care provider if the blue mood persists and becomes clinical depression (lack of sleep, lack of appetite, lack of pleasure or interest in anything.)
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