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Heart Disease as an Interactive Drama - You Can Change the Outcome

A piece of writing from The Lancet this month is so beautiful and eloquent, I am just going to quote it here:

"Age can be deconstructed into time-related effects of disintegration that affect all of us versus time-related effects of exposure to the modifiable causal factors that affect some of us more than others. This crucial distinction is not taken into account by the methods we use to predict risk. The natural history of coronary disease can be likened to a three-act tragedy. The first act introduces and develops the main characters - namely, atherogenic dyslipoproteinaemia, high blood pressure, and smoking - that appear as we mature and unless something is done, persist during our lifetime. During the second act, which also takes place over decades, these villains incessantly attack and progressively deform the innocent arterial wall. Finally, the third act, which can be tragically brief: in an instant, the plaque ruptures, the artery thromboses, and the hero or heroine dies, all too frequently unaware of the drama that was enacted within their arteries. What is the difference, you ask? In the drama of coronary disease, the ending is not fixed; if some of the characters are edited out of the play as soon as they appear, the third act need never take place."

From: Age as a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease
Allan D Sniderman, Curt D Furberg
The Lancet, March 4, 2008

In other words, it's never too late to have a healthy heart.

Thank you Maapu for use of photo, Smile.
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