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Healthline Analysis: Election 2008 - McCain's Competition & Affordability Health Plan

John McCain, Republican Representative who subsequently became Senator from Arizona, first elected in 1982 has a distinguished record of service to the United States of America. He released his Health Plan in October 2007 and here are some of its features:

      • control costs and spending to make health insurance affordable for all
      • provide access to care for all
      • provide veterans with more freedoms in choice of care
      • promote competition between traditional and alternative medicine providers
      • promote patient-centric care and emphasize personal responsibility
      • require transparency from providers vis a vis outcomes of care, costs, quality and prices
      • develop national standards for treatment and outcomes
      • promote HIT
      • give states leeway to experiment with alternative methods of access to care and licensing of providers
      • promote reforms for access to cheaper medications
      • provide individuals with $2500 tax credit for health insurance
      • foster competition, access to and affordability of health insurance
      • support public health initiatives to decrease incidence of chronic disease
John McCain advocates overturning Roe vs. Wade and protecting the status of marriage as a sacred bond between one man and one woman. He and his wife have four children, including a daughter they adopted from Mother Teresa's Bangladesh orphanage. (His son Jimmy, 18, is a Marine serving in Iraq.) Together they promote adoption over abortion. He opposes the intentional use of human embryos for research purposes and does not support any research for medical purposes that "sacrifices moral values".

John McCain is a leading advocate for benefits and rights of veterans. His wife, Cindy, has long been an advocate of children's health care needs. She founded and ran the American Voluntary Medical Team (AMVT), providing emergency medical and surgical care to children around the world, from 1988 - 1995. She has a history of prescription drug addiction. She is on the Board of Trustees for HALO (dedicated to removal of landmines and weapons destruction in war torn countries), the Board of Directors for Operation Smile, and the Board of Directors of CARE.

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