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Healthline Analysis: Election 2008 - Huckabee's Health Plan [Hint: he doesn't have one]

Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas (served 1996-2007) has opinions and ideas about health care but has not, as of this writing, delivered a health care plan. He lost 110 lbs. when he was diagnosed with diabetes and wrote a book to inspire others, Quit Digging Your Own Grave with a Fork and a Knife. Words of wisdom: "...if it wasn't food 100 years ago, it's not food, it's a product."

Unfortunately, that is not enough to craft a health care policy and plan. Some of the ideas about health care he advocates:

      • Preventive health care
      • Keep health care in the private sector
      • Make health insurance portable from one job to the next
      • Adopt EHR (electronic health records)
      • He is concerned about high costs and advocates a consumer base system vs. an employer based system
      • Huckabee does not support a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. Huckabee advocates punishing doctors who perform abortions.
He does not mention the 47 million uninsured in the US.

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