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Healthline Analysis Election 2008: Candidates Speak Out on Mental Health

One in four Americans have mental health problems, so the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) asked them about their positions on the subject.

  • Clinton:
    • Supports expanding mental health services, preventive mental health services
      • Supports mental health parity with other health conditions - co-sponsor of the Mental Health Parity Bill of 2007
      • favors doing away with discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, including mental health and substance abuse
      • Co-sponsored the Healing the Invisible Wounds Act of 2006 in support of ensuring support for our troops mental health care needs
      • Introduced the Positive Aging Act 2007 to give mental health parity within Medicare for seniors
      • Supports alternatives to inappropriate imprisonment of the mentally ill
  • Obama:
    • Supports expansion of mental health services and preventive services
      • Supports mental health parity with other health conditions - co-sponsor of the Mental Health Parity Bill of 2007
      • strong supporter of the bipartisan Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007
      • has a comprehensive plan for assessing the mental health needs of troops, including National Guardsman, at every stage of deployment, including recruitment and transitioning to return to civilian life
        • he was an original cosponsor of legislation supporting a comprehensive TBI plan, including pre and post deployment screenings
        • he has committed to fully funding the VA
      • supports greater investment in NIMH
      • supports a crime policy that ensures that people with mental illness get the treatment they need
    • McCain
      • supports providing incentives to treating physical and behavioral health together
        • design reimbursement models that reward treating the whole person, including mental health and behavioral aspects of mental illness
      • emphasis on prevention, especially in children
      • advocate for the housing needs of the mentally ill and veterans
    • Romney
      • has not responded
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