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Have the Olympics Inspired You to New Fitness Greatness?

While the US Olympic athletes brought home a record number of Olympic medals, statistics point to continuing rise of obesity in our country. If watching all of these gifted athletes perform has inspired you to greatness, here are some tips to increase your fitness, energy and beauty:
  • Take the stairs: walk stairs as much as possible, then take two at a time
  • Core strength is the key to more energy and fitness.
    • LeBron James looks better than ever and he offers this exercise: lie on your back and do bicycle kicks for 15 strokes. Hold your legs out straight about 6" off the ground for count of 10. Do 10 leg raises. Repeat the cycle x 3.
    • Inverse curls: Lie on incline bench with your head at the top. Grab the bar in the back, bend your knees and pull your legs to your chest for 15 counts for 3 cycles
    • Leg raises: Do 20 raises x 3 sets
  • Tae Kwon Do champion Steven Lopez uses the stationary bike for cardio fitness. Sprint for 6 seconds, then pedal slowly for 12 seconds and repeat this cycle for 5 minutes. Build up to 20 minutes over a month and lose more weight than you would with jogging.
  • Step Up: Take dumbbells and hold them at your side. Step up onto a bench and stand on one leg. Step down. Do 10 reps for each side for 3 complete cycles.

Thank you rick 115 for use of photo Usain Bolt breaks World Record: Men's 100 m Beijing Olympics 2008.

Come on you can do it!
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