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The Good Die Young: RIP Joshua Scarbary

My sister called last week to say she was on the way to a funeral for one of my nephew's dear friends - Joshua Scarbary, killed in an occupational accident on December 4, 2007. Only 21 years old, Joshua was tightening a strap on a load of PVC pipe, when the strap broke and 600 lbs. of pipe caused head trauma, resulting in his death.

In 2006 in the US, 5,703 workers lost their lives on the job. All but 428 of those who died were men. Most were aged 25 - 54 years old. Most - 3,945 - were white. Transportation incidents were the most deadly. Multiple trauma and head injuries were the most common cause of death. Transportation and material moving, construction and extraction proved the most deadly occupations.

Medical literature about prevention of occupational fatalities in these industries is surprisingly meager given the huge economic burden to society in terms of lost productivity and wages. Occupational health and safety providers need to step up their game and provide better teaching and intervention in these industries to promote workplace safety in transportation, extraction and construction industries. Losing a loved one should never be perceived as business as usual.

Joshua was near and dear to many, beloved by many. So many never had the chance to say good-bye. Josh never had the chance to be a husband, a father...never had the time to realize his dreams. We wish peace for him and his family...

Thank you manofsea for use of photo.
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