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Get Ready for a Stress Less Back to School Week!

For those of us with kids, Labor Day Weekend is a time of preparation and making the transition from lazy days of summer to gearing up for school days and after school schedules. Make things easier on yourself and your children by putting a little extra effort into planning.
  • Stay home this weekend & don't plan any business trips next week: it's a good time to stock up on school supplies, make sure the kids have the outfits they want for that all important First Day of School Dress to Impress and a couple pairs of shoes for feet that are no doubt a few sizes bigger than they were last Spring
  • Clean out bedrooms; get rid of clothes that no longer fit or are ripped and torn. Get the study area prepared and show the kids you mean business about those grades this year!
  • Take walks or play sports together to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Make sure everyone eats well and gets plenty of rest

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