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Finding the Right Supplemental Dental Insurance

40% of Americans are not receiving the dental care they need. And 70% of Americans either don’t have dental insurance or the ability to pay for full-price dental work out of pocket. Even those who have work-sponsored dental insurance may be surprised by how little many of the programs actually cover. That reality coupled with the rising cost of dental care has led many people to secure either supplemental dental insurance or a discount dental plan or both.

Supplemental dental insurance is meant to cover costs not covered by your primary dental insurance. Most work-sponsored plans cover the most expensive procedures but skip more common needs, which can over time be quite expensive. If you are considering finding a supplemental dental insurance plan, start by getting the complete details of what your current plan covers and what it doesn’t. Then work with your dentist to create an estimate of your dental needs for the next two years. This should include regular cleaning and maintenance, any other expected work and some buffer for emergencies. From there you can match your needs to the right supplemental plan.

Discount dental plans aren’t technically insurance plans, but they will help lower your dental costs. A dental discount plan leverages the large quantity of their members to secure lower prices for their members. When you visit one of the member dentists, you’ll receive special (and often significant) discounts on treatments and procedures. A discount dental plan can cost as little as $5 per month and can save several times that on an annual basis. When selecting a discount dental plan, check to make sure that your regular dentist is in the group.

When you’re ready to compare supplemental dental plans, visit an online resource like or a company specializing in supplemental plans like
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