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Final Four: The Presidential Candidates & How their Health Care Plans Differ

Republican candidates:
McCain vs. Huckabee: Seems to come down to the abortion issue with former Arkansas Governor Huckabee stating he is staying in the race to promote a constitutional ban on abortion. Senator John McCain opposes abortions but believes it is a state, not a federal issue. Huckabee endorses defining a fertilized embryo as a person and granting it with constitutional rights.

Clinton vs. Obama: Clinton is now attacking Obama on his health care plan. She is accusing him of only insuring children and not adults.
Fact: Clinton's plan requires mandated insurance for all, punishing those who are uninsured.
Obama's plan requires mandated insurance for children only.
Both are advocating universal health insurance.

Honestly, these are the only major differences I can find...if you have uncovered more, "hit me up".

Thank you idiomusic2 for use of Candidate Finder '08 "cootie catcher".
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