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Dr.'s Got a Brand New Bag - Smartphones replacing the "black bag"

The percentage of active physicians using Internet-enabled smartphones is expected to increase from 49% in 2006 to 70% in 2011 according to a report by The Diffusion Group. Doctors report that the mobile eMarket is application-driven with solutions developed by physicians themselves.

TDG Research describes the health care industry as "a space in which mobile hardware and software innovations are embraced and rapidly developing." Consumers are driving the mobile eHealth application market. Carriers see the "mobile health ecosystem as a space rich in opportunities" and the yet there remains a lack of awareness of other applications. The needs of doctors are well suited for mobile devices and applications because they work in data-intensive environments with daunting work-flow problems. Physicians are mobile workers, traveling between medical practice facilities, hospitals and making rounds. They also require comprehensive up-to-date medical information.

Examples of these products are Epocrates, real clinical doc-in-a-box tool kits, including mobile continuing medical education (CME) opportunities. These applications, made to use with PDA's, have become portable reference manuals. Vendors see the healthcare marketplace as an area where under-utilization prevails. Adoption of new technologies is seen as a way to improve patient care and outcomes - because decisions will be based on up-to-date reference material.

Thank you Toasty Ken for use of photo Getting Smart.
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