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Healthline Connects

Donors Choose: Back to School in Louisiana! Let's Help some Kids

Donors Choose is a cool project and an easy way to directly help low income kids in public schools.
"Teachers Ask. You Choose. Students Learn." As part of this campaign, they are running a Blogger Challenge - asking bloggers to pick a project to promote and encourage readers to participate. It's September, and if you read my posts, you know I am still anguishing over New Orleans.

So we choose to promote a project in a school that serves 92 % low income students (see bottom of page at this link). The first grade teacher in Gretna, Louisiana is requesting funds for an LCD projector. We have only 19 days left to help her and her kids at William Hart Elementary School, in Gretna, Louisiana. It only costs $1, 1673 - they have raised $200 so far. Come on Healthline readers! Let's help these kids in Louisiana read! Thanks for your consideration.

Thank you EditorB for use of Cleaning out photo - 2 years on, still cleaning up....
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