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Covering the Uninsured

Here is an issue that most Americans are familiar with in one way or another. For the last five years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has even promoted a week to sponsor it. This year, “Cover the Uninsured Week” runs from April 23 to April 29.

This issue has been highly analyzed. In fact, the sheer numbers of facts and figures have a tendency to numb the brain, thereby leaving the reader mystified about the basic nature of the problem. So let’s keep it real simple.

When it comes to one’s health, unanticipated problems often arise. Governments, employers, individuals and families all have some interest in healing the sick, and in keeping people healthy.

Overwhelmingly, the uninsured are the working poor. The group especially includes those who work for very small companies. These facts suggest that one way to begin to attack the problem would be to provide some assistance to small businesses, thereby allowing them to begin extending the benefits of basic health coverage to employees and their families.

The “Cover the Uninsured” web site contains useful information beyond the statistics, covering such topics as About the Week and What You Can Do. The site also has a Policy Center, which assists in linking the reader to information regarding health care coverage in their home state.

Of course, if you do have an interest in the stats, they are also available on the site. They come in two flavors: there is a brief sheet of Myths and Facts, as well as the more comprehensive Chart Pack.

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