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Childhood Injury Prevention Week: September 1-7

Let's all work together to keep our children safe! The As Safe As Possible Campaign wants us all to know:
  • 20.6 million kids are injured each year
    • that's 56, 000 kids a day!
    • 22, 000 children die each year due to injuries
    • 60, 000 are permanently disabled
  • 90% of these injuries to young children occur at home!
    • 10,600,000 doctor's visits each year are for young children's injuries
    • 8,700,000 ED visits are for young children's injuries
  • Cost to the US health system each year? $347 Billion!
Take a MINUTE to take stock of your home and prevent injuries:
  • Poisonings: Lock all items out of your child's reach. Use child resistant containers
  • Drownings: Never leave children unattended near pools, toilets, bathtubs, showers, hot tubs, animal troughs, outside pails, diaper pails
  • Fires and Burns: Keep children away from stoves and fireplaces. Lock up lighters and matches. Keep smoke detectors and fire extinguishers functioning. Check water temperature for baths
  • Choking: Keep the house free of small objects which are a choking threat (including pennies)
  • Falls: Secure windows, doors. Remove tripping hazards and keep paths well lit. Bathroom surfaces should be non-slip
  • Electrical: Cover outlets and keep plugs locked. Secure cords to prevent tripping.
  • Suffocation/Strangulation: Keep all plastic wraps and garbage bags out of reach. Keep wires, cords and strings out of reach.
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