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Celebrating the Web of Life: Australia Observes Biodiversity Month

Each September, the Australian Government observes Biodiversity month. Australia is home to almost 700,000 species, many of which are found no where else in the world. Why is this important to health? Our species is dependent on biodiversity for health, wellness and enjoyment of life. Our foods, medicines, products, recreation are derived from the wealth of our biosphere. Clean air and water are dependent on robust ecosystems.

Australia offers these ideas for you and your family to protect biodiversity:
  • create habitat with plants native to your area and create cover for birds and wildlife
  • never release any pet - even fish - into the wild. Be a responsible pet owner and keep pets contained to protect birds and wildlife
  • avoid eating threatened seafood species
  • start a compost bin with your organic scraps and enrich your soil
  • reduce what you purchase and find creative ways to buy used things vs. new
Encourage your community to commit to protecting biodiversity. Walkabout with your children and show them all of the wonderful species of plants and animals in your neighborhood.

Thank you Bluebec for use of photo Rock Wallaby at Simon's Gap.

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