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Canyon Ranch - Be Your Best Self At Any Age!

In 1979, Mel and Enid Zuckerman opened Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Mel was close to 50 years old, 40 lbs. overweight with diagnoses of asthma, hypertension, ulcers, diverticulitis and a hiatal hernia. He led a sedentary lifestyle, never exercised, ate poorly. When his father died of lung cancer due to smoking, he went to a health spa in California for a month. When he came out, he purchased the Double U ranch and decided to create a "vacation fitness resort". Now, nearly thirty years later, Canyon Ranch is not only successful in Arizona, but in Lenox, Massachusetts, Las Vegas, Nevada, Florida and on board the Queen Mary II. Canyon Ranch Living is a new condominium community in Tucson and another should open in Miami, Florida this fall and Chicago, Illinois in 2010.

The Canyon Ranch experience can be as much as about $1,000 a day - and the franchise attracts about 30,000 visitors a year generating $140 million a year. The rate is all-inclusive and the spa provides all meals, an allotment for services, complimentary fitness classes, transportation to and from the airport, gratuities and much more. Each guest receives a This Week at Canyon Ranch - a schedule of fitness, spiritual classes, sports, workshops and evening programs. Guests can be as busy or as laid back as they want to be. Each guest works with a personal advisor who helps custom design their vacation experience. The personal touch is what makes the Canyon Ranch experience unique. Guests may choose to enroll in a Life Enhancement Program when they need help regrouping emotionally and physically. Mind-body focus is a big part of the Canyon Ranch experience as is connecting with others. Canyon Ranch focuses on the spiritual health of guests who may participate in Energy Medicine, reiki, acupuncture, qi gong or healing touch.

The Executive Health Program is a joint venture of Canyon Ranch and the Cleveland Clinics where executives can have their health thoroughly evaluated by doctors, nutritionists, behaviorists and other wellness professionals. The Canyon Ranch staff refer to and collaborate with Cleveland Clinic medical specialists as needed develop an individualized lifestyle prescription for the busy executive.

And if you are wondering what happened to Dr. Richard Carmona , 17th US Surgeon General, after he left that post? In October 2006, he joined Canyon Ranch as vice chairman of their Life Enhancement Company, CEO of their health division and - my understanding is this was the piece de resistance for him - president of the non-profit Canyon Ranch Institute.
Dr. Carmona and the founders of Canyon Ranch share a passion for preventive health care and eliminating health disparities by helping underserved populations become more health literate. The Canyon Ranch Institute is a way to bring the mission and vision into the lives of people and communities who need it most. Through his work at Canyon Ranch and the Canyon Ranch Institute, Dr. Carmona is continuing the work that was his focus as Surgeon General. Dr. Carmona is also on Healthline's Board of Directors. Check back with us for interviews with this remarkable man - who is also a nurse!

Thank you, thelastminute, for use of the photo of Canyon Ranch.

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