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Big Love Meets Managed Care: WellPoint's David C. Colby

Maybe money can buy you love. David C. Colby, CFO of the nation's largest health insurer, Wellpoint, had a total compensation package of $4, 253,859 and, in addition to two ex-wives, was juggling 16 girlfriends (that we know of), many of whom were or are employees of Wellpoint. Some of the women are now suing Wellpoint for sexual battery, breach of contract and infliction of emotional distress.

One of the women, Rita DiCarlo is a nurse who has already sold the rights to her side of the story to Silvercreek Entertainment and Larry Garrison. In February 2007, Larry Glasscock stepped down as CEO of Wellpoint succeeded by the only woman to head one of the top 50 US companies, Angela Braly. Colby was forced out three months later. Glasscock claims that concerns about Colby's ethics came to light "in recent days" but DiCarlo and others, represented by LA attorney Mark Hathaway state they brought concerns to the attention of company officials months ago.

The case of Sara Waugh vs. David Colby et al, BC373492, is filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Wellpoint shares have been falling since May,2007 on the NYSE. Somehow I can't help but feel it's the insured who are getting _____.

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