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AUTISM: The Musical Premieres on HBO March 25 at 8PM

HBO rocks. They keep bringing these crazy love stories to TV - and Autism: The Musical is yet another. The movie ends with Stevie Wonder's song As, fitting for this testament of love mothers have for their children. The fathers love their autistic children, too, but not with the passionate vehemence of the mothers. Autism: The Musical, directed by Tricia Regan tells the story of Elaine Hall, her autistic son Neal and the courageous and unconventional approach she took to unlock her son's world. Coach E, as Ms. Hall is called, engages other autistic children and their families in the production of a musical, written by the children themselves. Look for an interview with Coach E later this week.

Half a million children in the US today are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD's are developmental disabilities, marked by significant impairments in social interaction and communication. Autistic people are, well, different. Society isn't kind to people who are different. We all know autistic people and struggle with how to accommodate their odd behaviors into our world. Autism: The Musical offers new ideas and fresh approachs for people who seem to be locked into a world of their own.

Warning signs of ASD in adults or children:
      • lack of "pretend" play
      • not pointing at items that interest them
      • not responding to their name
      • repeating words over and over
      • repetitive actions
Some children seem to develop normally until 18 - 24 months of age when they stop gaining new skills or losing skills they already have, like language or interaction with others. Watch HBO's Autism: The Musical and step into someone else's world.

Thank you, HBO, for use of Group photo from Autism: The Musical, available on HBO.
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