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August 10-16 is National Community Health Center Week

The second week of August is dedicated to recognizing the outstanding contributions of Community, Migrant and Homeless Health Centers. They do an outstanding job of providing needed services for America's 44 million uninsured and to those who live in areas without good health care services. Facts about the homeless and health:

    1. Homeless people are 3 x more likely to die than the general population. The average age of the homeless is 50 years will people with homes usually live to age 78 years.
    2. Poor access to quality health care reduces recovery from injury and illnesses.
    3. Homeless people have an 8 x higher risk of dying from exposure to the cold than those who have homes.
    4. Homeless people have a 3-6 x higher rate of illness than those who have homes.
Medicaid represents about 40% of the revenue for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) but 40% of the population they serve are uninsured or self-pay. These centers provide health care services for those who would not otherwise have access to primary care and preventive care services - services we take for granted like immunizations, mammograms, pap smears and blood pressure checks. Health centers provide effective case management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and save taxpayers money by avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency department visits.

Over 90.000 people are employed at health centers around our nation, providing quality health care services to the indigent every day. We are grateful for their contributions to the health of our communities!

Thank You Congressman Ellison for use of your photo of meeting w. Minnesota Association of Community Health Center members.
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