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Are You Getting Enough Sleep? March 3-9 is National Sleep Awareness Month

The National Sleep Foundation would like us to take 7 days to get educated about something we never seem to get enough of - sleep! Sleep loss may be costing our economy billions of dollars in lost productivity, and 1500 people die annually due to sleep deprivation related crashes on our roads. So wake up America, to your need for sleep! Make your bedroom a sanctuary. It should be a calm, dark, quiet place to relax, heal and unwind.

See a doctor if you have any of these problems which disrupt your sleep:
      • nightmares or anxiety
      • loud snoring
      • falling asleep while working or driving
      • sleepwalking, talking in your sleep or restlessness
      • difficulty sleeping three or more nights out of one week
Avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bed time. Exercise during the day, but rest for the three hours before going to bed.

Thank you Max for use of pix Sleeping with Mom.
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