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April Fool's! It's Grand Rounds - Making the Rounds

Thank you to all of the Tricksters & Jokers out there in Medical Blogosphereland for including my post National Youth Violence Prevention Week in the same heady company as Chucky Cheese, protecting our young uns...

To quote Medgadget - who called the entire thing a fiasco:

Let's see if we understand correctly.

Grand Rounds started at GruntDoc this week...

But he lost steam and asked Dr. Val to pick up...

She thought the submissions were beneath her and asked David E Williams to continue...

But he was humbled by the excellent writing and asked us to step in.

Medgadget passed the task along to Dr. Anonymous.

Dr. A sent us over to Dr. Rob at Musings of a Distractible Mind, who kind of went off on the subject of mutants, which is where that Giant Mouse, Chucky Cheese, comes it all & laugh...

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