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American Psychological Association Continues to Participate in Interrogations

The APA voted to reject a measure that would have banned its members from participating in interrogations. However, they did approve a resolution prohibiting participation in 14 specific methods:
  • sexual humiliation
  • sleep deprivation
  • mock executions
In 2006, doctors and psychiatrists agreed to come out completely against participation in interrogations, leaving only psychologists as the sole health professionals providing what the Bush Administration calls medial supervision of same. According to Mark Benjamin, national correspondent for who has been following this story, the CIA, under guidance of psychologists, has honed the ability to make people hallucinate and have their sense of identity break down within 48 hours.

Observers at the APA convention have reported a very heated debate between supporters and dissenters of the programs. One very disillusioned APA Interrogation Task Force Member, Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo, tells her side of the story in a Democracy Now transcript. Another dissident, Dr. Michael Wessells, has resigned from the Task Force due to the activities and operating outside of the Geneva Convention.
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