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Alternative Medicine & Thyroid Disease: New Book by Stephen Langer, MD

For those of you who just can't get your thyroid questions answered, reinforcements have arrived!
Solved: The Riddle of Illness Your Amazing Thyroid and How You Can Work with it to Control Arthritis, Obesity, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Circulatory Problems, Cancer, Sexual Problems. This is the Updated Third Edition with co-author James F. Scheer. The authors offer advice on nutrition and other aspects of wellness that go beyond thyroid hormone levels and medications. They advise one thing that is invaluable - educate yourself and PARTNER with your doctor.

I can't emphasize how important that is. When you doctor realizes that you are educated, empowered and taking responsibility for your own health, he or she looks at you differently. You are no longer another patient. You are someone he or she can trust to follow the prescribed regimen and go above and beyond to help him or her help you.

One of our partners, has a great feature - Thyroid-Info. Mary Shomon interviewed Dr. Langer about his book and recommendations. One example is the idea of taking a calcium/magnesium supplement along with an anti-inflammatory before going to bed for those who suffer from thyroiditis attacks. The book is available on and other locations.
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