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5 Ways to Stop Sickness, Cold!

About 25% of our staff is out this week or part of it due to illness, mostly minor, but some serious enough to require hospitalization. Over lunch, we were discussing ways to stay healthy at work. I offer these friendly tips for staying well:

  1. Disinfect your workspace, telephone and keyboard weekly. Get on a schedule and do it every Monday or Friday. Currently available home disinfectants (chlorine bleach based or Lysol type products) provide excellent activity against potentially pathogenic microorganisms likely to contaminate environmental surfaces. Chlorox wipes are conveniently packaged for the work environment and will do the job
  2. Keep a glass of water at your desk & drink fluids all day
  3. Leave your desk hourly, walk around, shake out your arms & stretch out.
  4. Use this short break to take three deep breaths, relax & center. Gently rotate your head side to side and around to relieve tension in your neck muscles
  5. Get out of the office at least once a day & breathe fresh air

Thanks to Kris K. for the blog title, Jon S. for the idea, Dean S. for lunch & Carrie L. for encouragement & support. Stay well everyone!

Photo courtesy of ShutterCat.

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