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This 4th of July - Leave Fireworks to the Pro's

We all love fireworks displays. Fireworks are low explosive pyrotechnic devices used for entertainment and aesthetic purposes. The Chinese invented fireworks in the 12th century BC as an aesthetic use of their invention of gunpowder, and fireworks displays became anticipated events at major celebrations. Today, China remains the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world. Most fireworks consist of paper tubes filled with combustible material which is launched and exploded.

The beauty and magic of exploding light seems synonymous with summer fun and excitement. It seems unpatriotic not to participate in watching a display of light against the night sky. Consumer use of fireworks - even sparklers which can heat up to 1800 degrees F - is extremely dangerous. Eye and hand injuries are common, especially in young children who are bystanders. Burns from embers or clothing which ignites can also be a hazard.

Bottle rockets are extremely unstable and can cause blindness. Even minor injuries should be treated in the emergency room. Each state in the USA has different laws governing the use and sale of consumer fireworks. Know the laws in your state. Tribal laws on reservations differ from state laws. Enjoy the sights and sounds, but be safe.

Thank you Creativity + Timothy K Hamilton for use of photo St. Louis Fireworks - July 4th, 2005.
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