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27% of Teenagers Are Unhappy

In both UNICEF and BBC reports, teens in industrialized nations report low mood. 7 out of 10 teens report feeling pressure to look good and felt under pressure from school, family and classmates. How do you know when your teen has crossed the threshold from low mood into clinical depression, requiring professional intervention? Look for these signs:
        • Change in appetite
        • Change in sleep patterns
        • Doesn't enjoy anything
        • Sad all the time
        • Socially withdrawn
        • Low energy
        • Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol
Depressed teens are at serious risk for suicide. Don't be afraid to ask your teen "Are you thinking about killing yourself?". Keep the lines of communication open. And never give up on them...

Thank you Mt. Carmel Photostream for use of photo Trouble Teens.
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