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15 Million Americans with Social Anxiety Disorder

The Harvard Medical School is reporting that 15 million Americans have Social Anxiety Disorder that interferes with their ability to lead productive social and romantic lives. People with the disorder have difficulty developing friendships and romantic relationships, because of fears of humiliating themselves or making mistakes. The anxiety results in symptoms of sweating, heart palpitations, blushing, feeling faint and trembling.

Most people with the disorder are embarrassed by it and those who seek diagnosis and treatment find that it helps their ability to form romantic relationships. Treatment includes cognitive behavior therapy, medications (antidepressants) and relaxation technique.

So if you are wondering about people who don't answer or return your phone calls - 60% of people with social anxiety disorder report this behavior. 55% report no close friends. 77% report their problems negatively impact romantic relationships. Encourage others who may be suffering from this subtle problem to seek help.

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