Fruit of the Womb
Fruit of the Womb

Thanks to ChronicBabe for Grand Rounds 4.24!

Many thanks to Jenni Prokopy at the award-winning site ChronicBabe for including a link to my post entitled "Heterozygosity for Homocystinuria and Heterotaxia Syndromes." in this week's Grand Rounds 4.24.

I did laugh out loud when Jenni notified me that "even though I had no clue what your post means, I included it...because I think it's interesting that you created a new post from a new reader comment, and my theme is about new beginnings." Although the post may not generate widespread interest, this is another one of those occasions where a curious reader may have stumbled on a previously unsuspected association as the result of having two children affected by what appears to be separate genetic problems. Of course, the two might not be at all related, but it is always exciting to me to explore those sorts of possibilities when there is at least a common thread!
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