Fruit of the Womb
Fruit of the Womb

The Happy Hospitalist Hosts Grand Rounds 4.37

Thanks to The Happy Hospitalist for the effort and the humor put into this week's rendition of Grand Rounds. I am thankful and quite grateful that he chose to include my recent post on "Teen Pregnancy: We ARE Failing Our Children."

As pointed out in my post, this is a growing concern that appears to be under the radar screen of many health care professionals and is being completely (conveniently?) ignored (as is so often the case with medical issues facing women and children) by the individuals in high places that would be in the best postion to effect change. Reasons for the epidemic are not entirely clear, but solutions are going to take a practical, realistic, creative, and widespread integrated approach to a problem that will just NOT go away and threatens to undermine the fabric of generations to come...
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